Category: Product Reviews

Categories: Product Reviews
Tesla's Current Model Line: S, 3, X, Y In line to buy a Tesla? There's a few things beyond simple "range anxiety" you might want to know. Be ready to pay a 30% premium on insurance and still expect your car could be totaled by even a minor fender-bender. Tesla's high repair costs and long wait [...]

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Unless you're a real detailing obsessive like me, this is probably the first time you've heard of a Clay Bar since Gumby had his very public struggles with alcoholism. It's not something most people know to do, or why it's so useful. Well, we're changing that now. Today, you're learning how to [...]

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A foggy, chipped, crazed plastic headlight lens It's been a hot minute since headlight lenses were made of durable glass. Since before most of you reading this were born, plastic has been the medium of choice. There are good reasons for this in weight savings, cost, ease of manufacture, and [...]

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Modern cars aren't built like in our parents and grandparent's time. Long gone are the days of cars made of steel panels and chrome trim. Aluminum, composites, and plastic rule the roads now, and for good reason. Cars and trucks today lug around more equipment than ever before in a time of rising [...]