The Automanic Story


My name is Torque Wheeler.

My father was a traveling salesman for Lucas Oil and my mother hand-stitched custom leather interiors for a lowrider shop in Riverside, California. 

I was conceived on the bench seat of a ’32 Ford Deuce Coupe rat-rod at a drive-in showing of American Graffiti. …and I’m here to teach you how to maintain your car.



People are holding onto cars for longer than ever before.

My own daily driver is a 2008 I’ve owned since 2012 with 165,000 miles – double the longest I’ve ever held onto a vehicle before, but still short of the average of nearly 12 years as of 2021! 

There are many reasons for this. New cars are more expensive and complex than ever before. Plus, chip shortages are hitting new car inventories and driving up prices in the used market.


But there’s good news as well…


Across the entire automotive industry, quality and reliability are all on the upswing. Auto manufacturers from the US and Germany to Japan and Korea aren’t building cars with planned obsolescence in mind anymore. 

Today’s cars no longer rust out after only a few years and, if properly maintained, engines can run almost indefinitely. If your car is much younger than say, 2005, you can expect it to be a trusty horse for a very long time.

The biggest factor in how long your car lasts is you, and the effort you put into upkeep, preventative maintenance, and preservation. 

With a little elbow grease and how-to knowledge, your car can keep driving and looking as good or better than the day you took the keys for many years to come.

Which is where I come in. Let’s do this.


Our mission

We help you make your car last longer.

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